About HHI

HHI is a welfare organization carrying out and encouraging the work for the raising the life standards of down trodden people through awareness building and self sustaining systems.


To establish co-ordination amongst all the organizations and agencies which are active in serving humanity for the sake of Allah SWT.


To hold relief camps for the affected people at places where some natural or human disaster takes place, e.g: earth-quakes, flood, fire, etc


To give monthly stipend (cash or kind) to those who are unable to earn their livelihood due to any reason or who are devoid of basic necessities.

Medical Aid

To provide monetary help to those who have limited resources to undergo medical treatment or who can't bear the cost of the medicines.To set up medical centres and hospitals where all these facilities could be made available under one roof.


To provide free consultations on "income generation" to those who are unemployed due to the lack of resources or by any other means. Also, to provide raw materials to such people, if needed, so that they can lead an honourable life in the society.


To bear the educational costs (which include books, uniforms, fees, etc) of the poor and underprivileged children.To establish institutes where moral, religious and modern education may be imparted to the children and adults.

Our Work

Best Ngo In Srinagar

Household Facilitation for Monthly Applicants


Breathe Free - Providing Oxygen concentrators at free or low cost rent to the needy ones.

Srinagar Charity

Household Facilitation for Monthly Applicants

Srinagar Charity

Providing Help to Needy People

Srinagar Charity

Providing Empowerment




Camps Organised


Project Completed



An Introduction And An

intro about us

The healthy growth and development of a nation is much dependent on the strength of its people. If the aim of a nation is to touch the heights of development and prosperity, then it has to focus its attention on strengthening its people. If any section of a society is weak by any means, the prosperity and development of the society can't be guaranteed.The strength of the people of a nation is a collective term which includes their education, their economical/financial conditions, their health status, etc. Amongst all these, the decisive strength for the development of the nation is the financial strength of its people. So, if a society or the people living in a society are financially paralyzed, it is the first and foremost indicator of the downfall of that nation.

It is towards this state of affairs that Allah SWT made His last prophet Muhammad (SAWS) pay attention to in the following verse of the glorious Qur'an: "But seek, through that which Allah has given you, the home of the hereafter; and [yet] do not forget your share of the world…" 28:77 Keeping in view the principle mentioned in the above verse and the conditions of the valley that prevailed during the last two decades, the need of an organization was badly felt that can pay attention towards and alleviate the miseries of the Kashmiri muslim nation so that it can bloom once again. To fill this void, we laid the foundation for a charitable organization namely, Helping Hands of Islam (HHI) in the Srinagar city. HHI is a non-political institute, the aim of which is to provide relief to the needy sections of the society. And, also, to save these gullible needy people from the clutches of those anti-social organizations which under the disguise of generosity and relief work, are actually striving to play with the morality and the religious life of people at every possible front.

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Our Team

Passionate about Perfection Keep away from people who try Make your teams more productive to belittle your ambitions.

Akhter Hussain

Akhter Hussain


Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that but the really great.

Yasir Hayat

Yasir Hayat

Yasir Hayat
Adil Ahmed mir

Adil Ahmed mir

Programme Manager

Journey of HHI

We started operation on 8th of November 2008.

Initially we had no of applicants 5 and donors 10 and now mashaallah we have crossed the no by 25 and 300 respectively.

We had no office at the time of inception, but now we have one at Hazari Bazar Rainawari near JLNM hospital and are trying to have one more in near future.

We are registered with judicial court under trust deed registration.

We worked on cash basis in the initial months to pay the applicants and now we have a trust account with SBI bank.

We have a staff 15 active volunteers and 1 paid personnel.